Equality, data or new experiences for the consumer. Google predicts and shares the main trends that will take place in the field of digital marketing during the next year.

The marketing agenda for 2021 is already full of new actions and objectives that have been developed because of the pandemic, but also because of a change in mentality. The trends that will mark the new year are an uncertainty for experts in the sector and they must be vigilant to remain at the forefront that has emerged after the pandemic.

Equality, data and the consumer as a target are just some of the most relevant topics for marketers. To lend a hand to these professionals, Google has decided to summarize these trends and predictions for 2021 in the words of its experts from the EMEA region.

1. Actions linked to equality
The change has been driven by a common movement that arises from the international attention and recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement. The situation experienced months ago became a clear indicator that many people want to drive change. This change will not only come through demonstrations, but decisions as consumers are influenced by the trend of the moment, which means that brands must be attentive to the demand of their customers in terms of morality.

2. Responsibility for data
Data has become an essential tool for every marketer. Digitization has been the true lifeline of the economy and society by allowing us to stay connected even when locked up. The challenge has now turned to protecting that data that people increasingly give up through their devices. At least this is what consumers expect from brands, in addition to having a transparent attitude regarding their use and the reward for giving them away.

3. Cookies disappear. And now that?
The cookies. That big headache for marketers will continue, especially now that they are undergoing immense change. The use of cookies that record useful information about what happens after a consumer clicks on an ad is a common practice to measure online advertising results. But the landscape has changed and privacy requirements have completely changed this practice.

4. Online video, the consumer's preferred platform
Jannika Bock, Director of Customer Solutions for Google in Central Europe shared her thoughts on the consumer. An idea that arises from when the consumer spent more time at home and consumed experiences that humans have. The truth is that users have increasingly developed the ability to consume online videos with the sole purpose of having fun, being informed and maintaining contact with other people.

5. Beyond the environment: sustainability
Consumer concerns have shifted towards sustainability. And we are not only talking about simple actions such as recycling, but about consumer awareness of the impact that their purchasing actions have on the environment. Google Trends shares as an example that the category 'food' has grown in interest accompanied by terms like 'sustainable', 'local food' or 'veganism'.

6. Increased use of mobile applications
The Smartphone has been another of the most used devices during the months that make up 2020. In fact, it has become the medium par excellence, or this is demonstrated by the time that users spend on this device: 1.6 billion hours in the first half of the year. In the third quarter, the use of applications soared and achieved a year-on-year increase of 25%, which in figures corresponds to 180,000 million hours per month dedicated to these computer programs.

7. Take care of data to improve automation
Onno Benniga, director de ventas, búsqueda y automatización de Google en Europa septentrional concluye esta lista de tendencias hablando de la confianza del cliente. Y es que la fidelización en este último año ha cambiado casi tanto como los hábitos de conducta del consumidor. Las marcas pueden probar a automatizar algunos de sus servicios para reaccionar rápidamente y dar respuesta a esas nuevas necesidades y expectativas. De hecho, la automatización será una de las herramientas que mejore la eficacia, ya sea mediante funciones nuevas e innovadoras, o a través de chatbots para el servicio de atención al cliente.

In short, at this point, the trend that will make the difference in 2021 will be complete transparency. This way you will gain confidence and take advantage of it so that automation allows you to optimize the experience you offer, although it will only be effective if the data exchange is transparent and benefits both parties.

Source: https://www.marketingdirecto.com/marketing-general/tendencias/tendencias-marketing-digital-marcaran-fuego

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