According to the report prepared by the National Institute of Viticulture in the January - November period, Argentine wine exports accumulate an increase of 34.1% compared to the same period in 2019.

Fractionated wines contributed with a growth of 6.1% and bulk with 84.7% to achieve this result.

La vitivinicultura argentina totalizó, en los 11 meses analizados, ventas en el mercado externo por un volumen de 369.282.300 litros superando en más de 93 millones de litros a igual periodo de 2019.

This performance in international trade allowed Argentina to climb positions in the world ranking of exporting countries, going from 11th to 8th place globally.

Regarding the type of wine, those without varietal mention represent 61.5% and varietals 23.4%. Fractionated wines have a 51% share and bulk 49% of exports.

Bottles are the container in which 93% of Argentine fractionated wine is exported.

Color wines continue to lead shipments although whites show a growth of close to 20% during January-November 2020.

This year can only be compared to 2008, the year in which the record for wine exports was produced.

Argentina is the country that grew the most in export volume, followed by Nueva Zelada, Portugal and Italy. The world wine trade has suffered significant losses in FOB USD exported value and volume, however, the country has been able to maintain volume growth by resigning only 1% of the FOB value in USD compared to 2019, far from the world average that it has lost more than 5.8% of the value.


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