Costa Rica's coffee exports increased 84.5% in November in year-on-year terms, linking six consecutive months of increases in relation to the previous cycle, according to a report by the Coffee Institute (Icafe) released on Tuesday.

With 29,147 60-kg bags, the Central American country shipped 13,351 more units in November than in the same month of 2019.

Foreign sales of Costa Rican grain, known for its high quality and priced at high prices in the international market, show monthly rates of increase in year-on-year terms since June.

The increase is due to a greater volume of coffee production due to favorable weather conditions and the renewal of crops, but also to sustained international demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, explained the director of Icafe, Xinia Chaves.

The current coffee cycle, which begins in October and ends in September of the following year, registers an increase of 81.7% in the first two months of the harvest compared to October and November 2019, with a cumulative 46,562 60-kilo bags exported.



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