From January to August 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, sales went from 6,908.5 tons to 4,547 in the same period of 2019.

Conquering the palate of US fish consumers is no easy task. This task is even more complex when it comes to arriving with a product such as tilapia (mojarra), whose market is highly competitive and, moreover, corresponds to an activity in which Colombia has not had an export tradition, since its 'visa' of entry to the United States was granted less than a decade ago.
However, as is popularly said, with "nadadito de perro", Colombian sales of tilapia have been gaining presence in the menu of homes and restaurants of the greatest economic power and the great commercial partner of most of the countries of the world. world.

And the fact is that official figures show that North American consumers "took the bait" of Colombian tilapia.

Indeed, national shipments of different types of pond fish to US distribution centers have increased 81.2% since 2012, the year in which the first sales were recorded, which at the time totaled US $ 21.4 million, while in 2019 they reached US $ 38.8 million.

Furthermore, in just eight months of 2020, in full emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, the figures provided to Portafolio by the Ministry of Agriculture indicate that tilapia sales in the period January-August 2020 in the United States reached US $ 35, 4 million, corresponding to 6,908.5 tons, compared to the 4,547 dispatched in the same period last year ...



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