The budget proposed by the Ministry of Finance is based on an economic growth projection of between 4.5% and 5.5% issued by the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH), economists agree

The estimated collection goal for 2021 is 96,000 million lempirasa figure lower by L13,000 million than expected for this year, which is reasonable, but is based on an economic growth unlikely to achieve, said the director of the Center for Economic and Social Research (Cies) of the Honduran Council of the Private Company (Cohep), Santiago Herrera.

"We must be careful because the unemployment levels that we have been in for six months have made companies not reactivate and, therefore, the recovery will be slower," he added.

Herrera noted how uncertain it can be to project expenses based on income that may not be obtainable.

“What we really want is for this budget to be reviewed in a more efficient way, to compact the size of the Government, to do more with less. That is the strategy so that we can redirect resources from current spending to investment ”, requested the Cohep executive.

The Ministry of Finance sent the National Congress a budget of L288,145.1 million lempiras at the beginning of the week for the operation of public institutionsThe central administration of the State will have a budget of L162,435.7 million, but can only finance 63.2% (L102,629 million) with taxes and own resources.

Meanwhile, 36.8%, equivalent to 59,806.7 million lempiras, plan to cover it with both internal and external debt issuance. While for the decentralized administration, Finance proposes 125,709.4 million lempiras for 2021, of which only L4,112.5 million will be financed with external funds and the rest with its own funds and the national treasury ...



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