With the aim of positioning Peru as the origin of high quality and excellent flavor mango in South Korea, the Apple Mango event was held in 15 stores of the famous Hyundai Department Store, reported today the Peruvian Promotion Commission for Exports and Tourism (Promperú).

The initiative was organized by Hyundai, one of the three most important commercial chains in the Asian country, in cooperation with the national promoter, in order to promote the distinctive characteristics of the Kent variety from our country.
To this end, a discount of up to 30% was made in South Korean stores, as an introductory price to the market. The normal selling price of the product should be between $ 10 and $ 13 per kilo.
High Profile Buyers 
Promperú highlighted the high profile of buyers in Hyundai's Korean stores, which favors the product.
In this way, the mango of Peruvian origin will be considered an ‘aspirational’ fruit and will generate the need for purchase for when the arrival of the maritime containers to the regular supermarket chains begins.
The promotion event for our mango was publicized in different media in South Korea.
Thanks to this coverage, Korean consumers will become familiar with the high-quality Peruvian mango, he stressed.
Fuente: https://www.america-retail.com/peru/mango-peruano-ingresa-al-emporio-comercial-de-corea-del-sur/

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