The digital platform that it developed for the Panama Construction Fair allowed all types of transactions

Uruguayan software factory Applica Corp. generated US $ 100 million in business in 10 days with the digital platform it developed for the Virtual Real Estate and Construction Fair of Panama. Hired by the Chamber of Construction of that country (Capac), the work of the company allowed all kinds of transactions to be carried out virtually, such as sales of supplies and properties, overcoming the inconveniences derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

“La Capac asked us that the user could do the same as if it were a face-to-face meeting. It had to be as attractive and functional as when one is physically present at an exhibition, ”explained Santiago Fraga, director of Applica Corp.

“Agility was needed for inquiries and answers, virtual tours of the units, presentations and launching of new projects, conferences, security for banking transactions, encryption of communications. The most important banks and investor groups from Panama and the Caribbean were going to be present and you could not fail. Above all, we had to be attractive to build trust in the platform user, who was ultimately a potential buyer. I think we succeeded: it was expected to raise between US $ 40 million and US $ 50 million and more than 100 million were raised in 10 days, ”said Fraga.

The data left by the fair explains these results: 120 exhibitors from different branches linked to the construction industry (banking, real estate, developers, suppliers of materials and services), 1,600 properties sold (600 more than projected), 24,250 registered users , 3,500 daily visits, 230 projects and 90 lectures.

When consulted the engineer Demetrio Arosemena, president of Capac, about the results of the Fair, he reported: «The virtual fair had a great acceptance by our users and by financial institutions, of which nine banks were present approving mortgage loans. Another point to highlight was that for the event we placed 120 virtual stands on a completely new platform, with projects that were seen locally and internationally »...

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