The trend for online courses continues. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will be able to continue strengthening and developing skills for their companies with innovative and creative ideas.

The long-awaited end of 2020 has arrived, a year that made the world see from another perspective; a crisis that in many woke up the businessman, businessman and entrepreneur that we all carry inside.

And so, it began to gain strength: "it's time to reinvent yourself," which was nothing different from the challenge of learning something new. It was at that moment that online courses not only became the trend of the moment, but they were here to stay.

With the premise that the digital age was established, revolutionized and stayed, the challenges for entrepreneurs continue, and that "new normal" of buying, selling, learning and working remains.

In the sights of 2021 that challenges you to continue generating more sales, innovative and creative concepts and with assertive communication with your clients, UBITS, one of the leading platforms in corporate training, recommends five courses, not only for you to stay up to date. day on business innovation issues, but so that the year ends and begins with new and renewed ideas.

1. Disruptive innovation

The market is becoming more competitive every day. Hence, the importance of stimulating creative work that will allow the company to get ahead of the competition and differentiate itself from it.

Having innovative and disruptive thinking in times of business crisis will positively impact your company, giving you new insights and effective results.

2. How to lead innovation and change processes?

Today, most companies agree that leadership is one of the most important factors to ensure their overall functioning, as well as to facilitate their processes of change and innovation.

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In this course you will find the tools to strategically achieve your objectives and achieve changes in your organization.

3. Mental exercises to awaken creativity

Have you ever felt that inspiration has left you? Don't worry, it's normal, many people go through "mental blocks" that limit them to think, innovate and even express themselves.

All people have creative potential, but very few work on how to awaken creativity, since you have to have commitment, discipline and a methodology. Here you are taught how to stimulate thinking and develop plans that can provide an effective solution to different situations and problems.

4. Closing effective sales

In sales, the closing stage is decisive and choosing the right words to close a business is essential. In this module you will find tips and key points to overcome the “no” answer and thus end your negotiations effectively and positively.

5. The seven conversational arts of assertive communication

Communicating in an assertive way is key to meeting the objectives and goals of your company. Generating effectiveness and assertiveness in the different communication skills is essential when learning, listening, speaking, declaring, arguing, asking / offering and claiming.


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