Interconección Eléctrica (ISA) announced this Friday its commitment to Chile with investments of US $ 4.85 billion until 2023 in its different businesses, as reported in a statement.

Currently, ISA is the second Colombian company with the largest investment in Chile, with close to US $ 2,800 million in various businesses.

In the energy business, estimated investments in the coming years will be US $ 2.2 billion, within the framework of Chile's transmission expansion plan. In fact, ISA has confirmed that it is currently studying the participation of the tender for the Kimal-Lo Aguirre transmission line, which amounts to an investment of US $ 1,200 million and the incursion in "brownfield" businesses for US $ 1,000 million.

For its part, in the roads and highways business, the Colombian group foresees investments worth US $ 2.65 billion until 2023.

On the other hand, the president of ISA, Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, has been appointed president of the Chile-Colombia business council. The executive has ratified the group's conviction to reinforce the socio-economic development of Chile so that it continues to be one of the "strongest countries in the Pacific Alliance."

«We believe in Chile and its people; we want to continue creating sustainable value. Since we arrived there we have been allies of the states for the construction of solid and competitive sectors with clear rules, but above all that contribute to the development and quality of life of Chileans ", said Vargas Gibsone, who has assured that" From joint work and synergies, growth opportunities can be developed for the country ”.


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