In 2020, cybersecurity regained relevance for users and companies as they were working remotely and electronic transactions rose.

Cybersecurity and its relevance for companies, year after year, become more important, however in 2020, with a higher number of electronic transactions and greater home connectivity for work and remote school, companies and users have had to worry more about this issue.

According to Darktrace, 94% of cyber threats come from email and in perspective, email attacks accounted for an estimated $ 1.77 billion in losses for organizations in 2019. On the other hand, data from Avanan suggests that 1 in 99 emails corresponds to a phishing attack and approximately 60% of these emails were related to COVID-19.
“Now there is real pressure for organizations to become more resilient and adopt new security tools that can provide them with the visibility they lack: among disjointed workforces, devices returning to corporate networks in offices, and more devices in their networks than ever before, visibility is a big problem, ”commented Eloy Ávila, CTO of the Americas at Darktrace.
However, these types of threats were not the only ones that stalked the digital world, according to Avast, in 2020 another problem that companies and users had to deal with was the phenomenon of false news, which rose to cause of the health emergency and the US presidential elections.

“To sum up 2020, I would say that things have not always been what they seemed: it was a year of fake news and scams, in which users were misled into taking advantage of the pandemic. Cybercriminals capitalize on trends, making sure to attract as many potential victims as possible, "said Luis Corrons, Avast Security Evangelist.

According to the cybersecurity company, this type of news often anchored links that redirect to malware, or suggested downloading apocryphal applications, in fact the firm managed to track 600 malicious applications during the first three months of confinement, which included from banking Trojans, even spyware that promised to track COVID-19 cases.



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