Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp announced on Tuesday a new feature that will allow purchases to be made directly in conversations with business accounts.

"With the shopping cart, users will be able to browse a catalog, select a number of products and place an order through a single message," explained WhatsApp on the blog where it announces this new function, available worldwide from this Tuesday.

This new service seeks to attract merchants and companies to its WhatsApp Business application, which has 50 million professional accounts, to manage orders and exchanges with customers.

It also wants to encourage its 1.5 billion individual users around the world to make purchases through the app.

Developing commerce in its messaging system is crucial for WhatsApp, which despite its widespread use, is free, does not generate money with advertising and does not have an integrated payment system.

Last Friday, this Facebook subsidiary went out to compete for the promising mobile payment market in India, where giants such as Google and Alibaba are already active, with the launch of the WhatsApp Pay system, which allows receiving and sending money through the platform. in a country where it has more than 400 million users.

Source: https://www.elcolombiano.com/tecnologia/whatsapp-agrega-carrito-de-compras-a-sus-funciones-JD14244915

Foto: Whatsapp.com

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