According to the manager, after the pandemic there will be many changes that travel and business meetings will present thanks to the implementation of new mechanisms and tools.

“Before the health crisis, we never thought about this kind of growth. In 2020, much like 2019 or 2018, Zoom's focus was on building, finding new customers, figuring out how to grow our business, ”Yuan said.

Shares in the company so far this year have grown by nearly 500% and have turned Zoom founder Eric Yuan into a billionaire.

In addition, this business growth has allowed it to integrate nearly 1,000 more people in order to respond to the demand for services caused by the pandemic.

“I think the way of working, living, learning and playing is very different now. When the pandemic passes and we all return to the office, I do not think that each employee will always have to return to the physical place where they worked, "said the businessman of Chinese origin, who has lived in the United States since the late 1990s.

According to statements by Yuan, collected by various international media, "it is very likely that he is betting on hybrid approaches, perhaps today and tomorrow we will work in the office and, starting next week, from home."

"Or, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday we are at home and on Tuesday and Thursday we are at the office," he said.

He added that “the world will tend towards a hybrid approach, which is good for climate change and productivity. I think it is a world that we have to take on. So I think tools like Zoom will stick. "

Finally, the businessman pointed out that he is quite sure that now everyone realizes that with a tool like Zoom it is possible to meet with more employees, more clients and it works.

"That is why I believe that the number of business trips will be much lower after the crisis ends."


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