Agricultural exports were driven mainly by shipments of avocado, a leading product in the sector, which totaled 754 million dollars between January and September of this year, specified the Foreign Trade Society (Comex Peru).

According to the union, this amount means an interannual increase of 0.5%. The value of shipments of this product represented approximately 17% of the total value of Peruvian agricultural exports in January-September.


The main destinations for Peruvian avocado shipments were European economies such as the Netherlands (251 million dollars), Spain (164 million), the United Kingdom (62 million) and Russia (19 million dollars). Significant shipments were also made to China ($ 25 million) and Japan ($ 21 million).


In terms of volume, the agricultural sector exported 405,252 tons of avocado in the period of analysis, 30.9% more than in the same period of 2019.

This significant rise, however, was not reflected in a greater increase in the value of avocado exports due to the fall in the price of the product. "The lower export price would be explained by the oversupply in international markets," said Comex Peru.


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