Costa Rican socioeconomic challenges were aggravated by the arrival of Covid-19 in an unexpected way, generating an impact on the entire population and in the productive sector.

Some worrying data can be seen in the latest employment index created by the INEC where it was shown that open unemployment reached 23.2%, that is, 544 thousand unemployed people.

These figures show the complexity that many sectors are facing, however; The export sector has tried to make strenuous efforts to keep its 687,000 jobs active, as well as its operations.

For exporting companies, the arrival of the pandemic generated an urgent sense of reinventing themselves to continue positioning themselves internationally in the face of the changes they faced in conducting business, as well as in the needs of consumers.

Adaptation and innovation were key for many exporting companies today to continue to stand out not only for the products and services they previously provided, but also for the transformation and contribution they came to offer in complex times.




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