WTDC, an international cargo transportation company and logistics operator in Miami, Florida, USA, and Empresas Perrot Group Inc., a premier comprehensive logistics services provider in Chile, announced a strategic cooperation agreement that will create the seamless connectivity for customers through its complementary national and international logistics networks in the US and Chile.

WTDC and Perrot Companies will be exclusive agents within each other's countries as part of the agreement.

"Combining the comprehensive logistics and trucking network of Empresas Perrot in Chile with WTDC's experience as a free zone, freight forwarder and customs agent in the US is a great benefit for the clients of our two companies," he said. Sean Gazitua, President and CEO of the WTDC.

«My grandfather was born in Santiago de Chile, so this association has a special meaning for me. I would like to thank the owner of Empresas Perrot, Mauricio Perrot, for his vision and respect for our family. He represents the second generation of his family's logistics business and I am the third generation owner of the WTDC. I look forward to working with Mauricio and the team at Empresas Perrot to build a strong, long-term relationship.

WTDC and Empresas Perrot offer door-to-door logistics services between the United States and Chile.

  • Complete management of the supply chain between Chile and the US.
  • Freight transport - Land, air and sea transport (national and global).
  • Warehousing, consolidations and logistics added value in Chile and the US.
  • Documentation and customs clearance in Chile and the USA.
  • Port and extra-port services in Chile and the US.
  • LTL and FTL trucking services in Chile and the US.
  • Last mile, flat bed and tiered deck delivery in Chile and the US.

WTDC has been working with ProChile Southeast USA, Empresas Perrot and City National Bank-BCI (a Chilean financial institution based in Miami) to develop a door-to-door logistics program with special benefits for small and medium-sized Chilean exporters. ProChile, a division of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, promotes Chilean exports of products and services with special attention to small and medium-sized companies.

Chile is currently ranked 26th in the United States' highest trading partner ranking as of August 2020 and ranked 29th in 2019 (WorldCity). South Florida now has two of the top three ports for Chilean trade as of August this year, Miami International Airport being the first and Port Everglades being third (WorldCity).

WTDC and Empresas Perrot will present this logistics service in a commercial lane with very few barriers and plenty of room for growth thanks to the Chile-US Free Trade Agreement. which was updated in 2015 to eliminate most of the tariffs applied to imports between either of the two countries.

"This strategic partnership with Empresas Perrot will help WTDC grow in the wine and spirits, mining, renewable energy and technology industries," Gazitua added. WTDC and Perrot Companies are prepared to offer innovative and efficient logistics solutions for our clients and we look forward to sharing additional details on the success of this partnership.

Image: courtesy of WTDC.
Caption: Sean Gazitua, president and CEO of WTDC, and Carlos Mauricio Perrot, owner of Empresas Perrot, sign a collaboration agreement to create door-to-door logistics services between Chile and the United States.

Source: https://wtdc.com/wtdc-and-empresas-perrot-launch-chile-us-service/

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