The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ROC (Taiwan) and the Council for the Development of Foreign Trade of Taiwan (TAITRA) organized the "Presentation of purchases of beef from Latin America in 2020", the event was held on October 23, in order to promote and deepen the purchase of this item in Honduras and Latin America, and thus offer quality products for the Taiwanese diet.

The activity was attended by the General Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Economic Affairs, Tsai Yun-Chung and the Executive Vice President of TAITRA, Wang Hsi-Meng, the Ambassador of Honduras, Eny Bautista, the Ambassadors of Paraguay and Nicaragua. In addition, three chefs were invited to prepare traditional dishes using Honduran meat.

Taiwanese importers were also invited to share their purchasing experiences to promote economic cooperation and generate business opportunities.

The online business rounds of the event began on September 16, with the participation of 6 Taiwanese importers and 12 suppliers from the countries of Honduras, Paraguay and Nicaragua. Two companies Del Corral and C&D EMGAHSA participate from Honduras.

Purchases are estimated to exceed $ 15.2 million in the next year, effectively overcoming the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and allowing Taiwanese companies to order from Honduran suppliers without having to leave the country.
Online purchases from January to September 2020, increased to 141 percent compared to the same period in 2019. The purchase of beef from Honduras benefited producers and their employees covered by the preferential tariff of the FTA between Taiwan and Honduras.

In the future, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TAITRA will continue to assist Taiwanese and Honduran companies regarding beef trade cooperation and effectively facilitate mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Honduras is a renowned producer of meat that they harvest from natural pastured cattle and it is not only tasty, but also low in fat, cholesterol and high in protein, and is known as "all natural meat" are healthy foods, becoming a modern trend in recent years.

The demand for Honduran beef has increased in the Taiwan market. Taiwanese importers have identified this business opportunity and have gradually increased imports over the years.



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