For 10 days, more than 500 buyers from 38 countries will learn about the non-mining energy supply of about 1,250 Colombian exporters, who will have virtual appointments of approximately 30 minutes to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities for their internationalization.

The stage will be the ProColombia Virtual Macro-Round of the Americas, one of the most important business meetings of the year that will aim to contribute to the economic reactivation and strengthen regional trade, as well as with the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the United Kingdom as guest countries.

“Due to proximity, because they are natural markets for Colombian exporters and because they offer preferential access thanks to current trade agreements, this year we decided to hold our international commercial meeting with buyers from the Americas, where we have identified opportunities that will allow the economy to be reactivated with more value added exports and consolidate Colombia's leadership in the region, now that we assume the pro tempore presidencies of the CAN and the Pacific Alliance ”, explained Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

The country has 14 trade agreements in force in the Americas that allow it access to 32 countries and 1 billion consumers on a preferential basis. Also with Israel, in force since August this year, and with the United Kingdom, which recently passed to presidential sanction and is awaiting entry into force.

"We convened businessmen from the United Arab Emirates because in 2021 ExpoDubai will take place, where Colombia will have a large participation, and this Macro Round will serve to start generating approaches with potential buyers from that region," added Santoro.

Buyers come from the entire American continent, with the United States with the largest participation with 79 buyers, followed by Ecuador with 67 buyers, the Dominican Republic with 43 buyers, Canada with 43 buyers and Mexico with 40 buyers.

The more than 1,250 Colombian exporting companies are from 26 departments, of which Cundinamarca, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Atlántico, Santander and Risaralda lead the participation.

The Macro Round of the Americas is carried out within the framework of the economic recovery and reactivation of the region. The Agri-food sectors with 429 companies, Industries 4.0 with 177 companies, Metalworking with 254 companies, Chemicals and Life Sciences with 167 companies, and Sistema Moda with 264 participating companies are expected to participate.


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