The Peruvian Foreign Trade Society (ComexPerú) pointed out that fresh mango was consolidated as one of the non-traditional products with the highest export demand from Peru. Despite the pandemic, between January and August it increased its sales by 16% compared to the same period last year.

"In 2019, US $ 184 million was raised on those dates and by 2020 we already have US $ 214 million," said Rafael Zacnich, manager of Economic Studies at ComexPerú.

He added that if the positive trend continues, everything will indicate that the record volumes of the 2018 campaign, in which more than 210 thousand tons were shipped, and also of the 2019 values that reached US $ 260 million, would be exceeded.

"If we export the same amount of fresh mangoes in recent months, in volumes we would grow 26% this year and in values it would be an increase of 12%," he said.

He also mentioned that the higher consumption of mangoes in other countries is due to the properties of the fruit to take care of the pandemic.

"In the world, a lot of fruit is being consumed due to its nutritional capacities for the immune system, especially to face a risk of coronavirus," said Zacnich.

For its part, the Association of Exporters (ADEX) said that the main destinations for mangoes in general are the Netherlands, which, to date, increased their exports by 26% and the United States, 47%.

"The flagship products, recognized in the world for their high value, are on display and contribute to the growth of the sector, and with this, it chains producers, promotes associativity, technology and the good use of natural resources, according to the demands of this new world, ”said ADEX President Erik Fischer.

Rafael Zacnich stated that they hope to have more presence with mangoes in Asian countries, such as South Korea and China.

"In the last three years we have been quite positioned in South Korea, but we have fallen due to the price issue, so we can improve," he said.



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