Japanese automaker Nissan will finalize an investment plan of USD130 million as part of a "strategic decision" based on "confidence" in the country and its "economic resilience."

The announcement was made through a videoconference by Guy Rodríguez, head of the company in Latin America, to the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández.

From the fifth of Olivos, the president assured that “Argentina is going to recover by working, producing and exporting. We are industrialists, that is the true potential of our economy.

Without losing sight of the importance of any investment in the country on job creation, the President thanked the company's confidence in the country and invited the executives to "add Argentine value to the production of auto parts" and to "make a joint effort ».

Fernández was accompanied by the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, and the Undersecretary of Industry, Julieta Loustau, while the Secretary General of Smata, Ricardo Pignanelli, also participated.

Rodríguez thanked the national government for its support and confirmed his confidence "in the country, in the employees and in the recovery capacity" of the national economy.

The executive also valued the joint work with the Government and the unions in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, according to official sources from the Presidency.

Regarding Nissan's business plan in Argentina, the CEO pointed out that in the medium and long term, the company is committed to "expanding the range of products and developing local suppliers and exporting to more markets" from Argentina ...

Source: https://www.baenegocios.com/negocios/Nissan-invertira-USD130-millones-en-Argentina-20200820-0082.html

Foto: Nissan.com.co


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