Starting in October, the Government would authorize the arrival of foreigners who travel with their own vehicles and who will carry out 7-day quarantines

Uruguay was one of the few Latin American countries that kept Covid-19 cases under relative control and accumulated less than 50 deaths from this cause since the health crisis began. That is why its residents are one of the few in the region who can enter, for example, the European Union. Days ago, the American company American Airlines also announced that it will resume flights between Montevideo and Miami.

In this more advanced situation that Uruguay shows around the coronavirus pandemic, the neighboring country decided to launch a plan for the next summer season, which includes attracting both Argentines and Brazilians who enjoy its beaches and cities every year.

Many Uruguayan businesses and families depend on income from tourism and that is why Uruguay will not let the 2020/21 summer season go by without the Argentines who tend to flood its main spas.

Days ago Germán Cardoso, Minister of Tourism of Uruguay, told Télam that they are studying the opening so that Argentine and Brazilian tourists can arrive in their own vehicles.

Since July, Uruguay has enabled domestic tourism and only allows the entry of residents in the country who return from abroad and foreigners who have tax domicile or economic or labor activity in their territory ...


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