The Virtual Week of Colombia in Argentina, Chile and Peru ended with a business expectation of US $ 1,221,047, 12% more compared to what was obtained in 2019, the government agency ProColombia reported on Monday.

During Virtual Week, which took place from August 10 to 19, there were 1,250 virtual business meetings between 42 Colombian companies and 114 Argentine, Chilean, Peruvian, as well as Bolivian and Paraguayan entrepreneurs.

Colombian entrepreneurs, including operators, hotels and tourism entities, presented a broad portfolio of tourist experiences that Colombia offers in sun and beach products, culture, nature, adventure and meetings, among many others.

“We continue to position Colombia as a tourist destination in these markets that represent almost 19% of the arrivals of international travelers to our country. In this virtual week we obtained an unprecedented response and even, given the situation, foreign businessmen showed great interest in the Colombian offer, generating business expectations for US $ 1,221,047, 12% more than in the same face-to-face edition held in 2019 " said the president of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro.

Santoro added that 64% of business appointments between businessmen were made for the first time, that is, Colombians had not met before with some international wholesalers who participated in this virtual week, which shows the growth in demand they have. Colombian experiences in the South American market.

ProColombia reported that the registration of business expectations with the participating countries ended with Peru with US $ 860,400, Argentina with US $ 303,147 and Chile with US $ 57,500.

On the other hand, the departments that registered the most business expectations were Bolívar with US $ 553,841, Cundinamarca with US $ 456,906, Antioquia with US $ 139,500 and Atlántico with US $ 33,500.

In addition to the commercial meetings, presentations of destinations such as Cali, Medellín, San Andrés, Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena were organized, in which businessmen from these South American markets participated among wholesalers, tour operators and travel agencies.

In these spaces the tourist potential of each destination was shown, focused on the vacation and meeting segments, presenting innovative experiences for the market related to nature and adventure products, as well as the traditional ones in sun and beach tourism and of a cultural nature such as gastronomy. , music, fairs and parties.

Likewise, academic forums were held in which topics related to the proposals put forward by Colombia for the prompt reactivation of the sector, flexibility as a prevailing factor in product dissemination strategies, the recovery of air connectivity, and the how the country prepares itself in terms of adopting biosecurity measures to receive future international visitors.


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